Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Maybe Another Computer?

So I go to help out a member of another team with some problem a couple of weeks ago. While I'm helping him out, I can't help but notice that he has two desktop computers and two laptops in his office. I don't have a laptop of course but that doesn't really bother me unless I have to sit through too many meetings. Then it would prove useful to get some work done while listening to people ramble. What struck me as funny is that when I commented on it he just said, "Yeah, but that laptop is a couple of years old." Well, fuck you. I'd take a piece of shit laptop just for the fact that I could drag it to a meeting and browse the web or actually have a computer to do a presentation on if I needed it (not that I want to give presentations). Maybe if you had a couple of more laptops you would have been able to debug this problem your own damn self. Ass.


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