Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Share and Share Alike

My group has a machine that is apparently crashing every few days or so. Someone has to keep opening up a help ticket with our internal IT department to get them to "fix" the machine--this, more than likely, consists of them walking into the server room and turning the machine back on. Since we don't actually use the machine any more, no one has entered a help ticket for the past week or two.

I know there are other groups within the company that probably need additional hardware badly enough that they would diagnose the problem and gladly take possession of the machine. Unfortunately, there's no budget for them to buy their own machines and, if my group gives up the machine, we'll likely be in the same position as they are in the near future--in need of hardware but unable to get through the red tape to acquire it. Of course we wouldn't be able to count on someone else's generosity for the same reason we ourselves are not generous. What a sad situation.


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