Friday, October 07, 2005

We're Off Track

Well, the manager finally showed up to the daily meeting today only to discover that most of the tasks we're working on are blocked and possibly at risk for delivery. Furthermore, the senior person on the team is now a bottleneck and the potential blockage on most of the tasks. This happened because that person was handling some of the management duties and cross team interaction. As the manager was MIA for several days, that burden increased meaning they had less time to work on "real" work. Also, typically, this person is usually the catch-all for any set of tasks. You don't know who has time to do task A? Throw it on the senior member of the team. The overdelegation by the manager (or downright incompetence if I'm being honest) coupled with the underdelegation of the senior member makes for a nasty situation.

I'm sure at some point everyone will be asked to work a little harder and come together as a team to help get us back on track. I wouldn't mind doing such a thing if it was for a good reason (not just someone failing to do their job), but me busting my ass to cover someone else's leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


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