Friday, October 21, 2005

Just Get Away From Me

One of my pet peeves reared its ugly head again today. I had to help some other developer on the team figure out why his dev environment wasn't working (again). I sat at his machine, did my normal routine, and things just magically worked. At this point I was ready to head out, since everything was fixed. But, he just had to stop me and swear up and down that I hadn't done anything differently than the way he had been doing it. I just shrugged and said, "Well, you're all good now..." But, no, he had to continue with his little rant about how he had been doing that all along.

You asked for my help, I helped you. We're done. I don't care about your theory that all of reality or computing in general is conspiring to make you look like an idiot in my eyes. I already consider you an idiot. And don't mistake it for some friendly, "Now, how do you suppose that happened?" exchange between friends. We're not buddies, we're not pals, and we're not friends. If I liked you and/or you were competent it may be a different story. You have neither of those luxuries. Communicating with you in any way is an effort that makes my skin crawl and my nuts ache, let's not tax poor Greg any more than is necessary. Please drive through.


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