Monday, December 19, 2005 downtime

By the way, I think this blog will just be my general bitching dumping ground, whether that is work related or just my disappointment with people in general. I'll try to save funny or useful (at least what I consider to be such) stuff for my other blogs.

It seems that delicious experienced a little downtime this weekend. Out of curiosity I headed over to their blog. Besides all of the lame attempts at jabs by people referencing the Yahoo! acquisition or people recommending this as an opportunity to switch to digg, there were several idiots whining that they had multiple browser windows open and were waiting to for delicious to return so they could bookmark those sites. It'd be nice if they were kidding, but assuming they're not, do people really become that stupid that quickly? Every browser still supports bookmarks. Just make a delicious folder and drop them in there. Then, when delicious is back up, add them. And if you want to piss and moan about how your bookmarks are inaccessible, try using something like Foxylicious next time.


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