Monday, March 20, 2006

Intelligent Until Proven Otherwise

I'm working with another company and during the course of my day, I have to connect to their network and use their intranet systems to get things done. Inevitably, my credentials don't work for a few of their systems, despite the fact that I'm supposed to have access.

After emailing my contact at the other company, I get helpful emails like, "did you try typing in the correct password" followed by "well, I guess try it again and let me know if it doesn't work." My problem with these emails is that they assume I'm retarded. Oh, I have to use the right login in combination with the right password? I had no fucking idea.

Her advice was that I should enter a help ticket in their system. BUT THAT'S ONE OF THE SYSTEMS I CAN'T GET ACCESS TO!!!! "Did you try logging in with your username and password?" Why yes, I did. I know that I don't have a user in the help system because you get a different error message when you try logging in with a valid username (but the wrong password). "Did you try your original password when the account was created?" Have you ever had a foot in your ass?

It reminds me of the Prisoner's dilemma. In this version, if we both assume the other is intelligent until betrayed by their overpowering stupidity, we stand to get more done than if we start out each assuming the other is an idiot (I also firmly believe that only idiots or arrogant / insecure ass clowns routinely assume others are idiots). Now, of course, if one of us is actually an idiot then my version of this Prisoner's dilemma breaks down. Do I think that one of us (not me) is approaching idiot status? Does the Pope shit in the woods?


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