Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Miles Above You

Today I found myself the recipient of an email sent to a group of people in the company. Apparently one of the higher ups will be visiting the office next week and has scheduled a bunch of meetings for the various people on the distribution list.

The email came from the guy's administrative assistant. In its body it says "please mark your calendars", etc. Everyone that needs to mark their calendar is included in the email list. Her job description is administrative assistant. She took the time to get the list of everyone to send it to, put it in a table in the email, and then tells me I need to enter the meeting? I didn't ask for a fucking meeting. Shouldn't the responsibility of scheduling the meetings in the shared calendaring system we use be on her. Did the exec even look at everyone's' calendar to determine if they were free for that time period, or is he just assuming his hour long bullshit session takes precedence over everything else in my day?

I starting "having issues" when people have an overly self-important attitude and think that the rules of courtesy that everyone else chooses to observe don't apply to them. I'm sure whichever conference room he grabs for these little meetings won't be scheduled in the system either. If someone has the room scheduled, they should probably just fuck off because he's a goddamn executive. Suck it.


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