Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Would You Like to See My Organ?

I sometimes wonder if my co-workers actually want me to make fun of them. They keep doing the most ridiculous stuff. The butter troll just sent out some email spam that he is going to rent a nearby concert hall so he can have a little organ recital of his own. He wraps it up by saying:
I'm a classical and church organist, and likewise my repertoire will be based on such pieces. I hope folks understand I'm not trying to advocate for certain religious views or sects, but will play some pieces that originated in church out of respect for the tune, arrangement, or both. I will also endeavor to provide some information that isn't generally known about the organ, how it is constructed, and its unique musical capabilities.
What a pompous ass. One of my co-workers told me he tried to talk to the guy when Jimmy Smith died, thinking that butter troll would be familiar with another famous organ player (I wasn't btw), albeit from a different genre. Of course, a simple "I'm not familiar with him" would have been acceptable. However, he took it upon himself to say, "That kind of music derives from the theater. I'm a classical organist." What a douche.

Further, as best as I can determine, this little one man show of his (presumably so he can show off his talents) is going to cost him somewhere in the neighborhood of $700. That makes it one of the more expensive masturbation sessions I've ever heard of.


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