Thursday, March 30, 2006

Isn't That Precious?

We had an IT guy that got laid off, then hired back as a contractor for a couple of weeks once the powers that be realized they were fucked when he left. Now, this could be a discussion about being careful not to foster a culture where people can make themselves indispensable. You know, follow procedures, document things, have some transparency, etc. But unfortunately it's not.

This guy just got a new job. I know this because my co-workers thought it'd be cute to call him up, put him on speaker phone, and then sing "Happy New Job to You" to him (to the tune of Happy Birthday obviously). After this they all giggled (yes, they fucking giggled like little girls) and formed a big circle jerk where they reminisced on how good their idea was. Lucky me, I had just gotten back from lunch and didn't have my headphones on yet.

What kind of sick world is this? Their minute worth of syrupy cuteness has inevitably scarred me for years to come. Can I sue?


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