Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Here's a collection of Derek-isms I've been sitting on for a bit. Not too terribly funny, but they help communicate the overall weirdness of the person.
  • "I also heard you use the word swizzle, which I'm not too fond of, given the origin of the word." He said this to one of his co-workers. I suppose he's referring to his suspicions of the alcohol related origin of the word. Alcohol is wrong, kids.

  • (Riding in the elevator with a complete stranger) "That's an interesting looking name on your badge. How do you pronounce it?" This just struck me as a "mind your business and ride in silence" moment.

  • "Do we have a banner with the company name on it so I can put it in my front yard tonight, so people can find the house?"

  • "If anyone's interested there is some leftover food in the fridge from our work lunch on Saturday." This is said to communicate to anyone that didn't know that he worked this weekend.

  • If you mention you have something like a doctor's appointment at 2:00, he'll be sure to remind you 30 minutes beforehand, because he cares.

  • If you're in your cubicle and your phone rings, he'll still say, "Your phone is ringing."

And finally, someone I know contributed this fine image to the HIT (hang in there) collection:


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