Saturday, June 10, 2006


We recently had one of our main QA guys quit. He gave two weeks, but the company decided he could go ahead and leave at the end of the day. Right or wrong, I feel when companies do this they're often acting out of spite. All of the developers at my company, with the exception of the two on my team, all have large flat panel LCDs.

The day after the QA guy left, the other developer on my team decided he might like having his external display be an LCD. When he went over to the guys desk the sales guy was already there grabbing the LCD. "Man, I sure hate to see this go to waste." He then left with the LCD.

I'm not sure how it sitting there for 12 hours meant it was going to go to waste. I'm not sure why, if he felt the need to have an external display for his laptop, he didn't already use one of the many CRTs laying around. Then he could argue that he needed extra desk space. My real problem with this is that he's out of the office over half the time. Why put yourself ahead of the people making the products who are in the office all the time? It just seems selfish and petty.


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